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Server User Guide

This manual provides multiple usage guides from basic to advanced.

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The English version is contributed by Nikhil. Contents are synced to 17/09/2023.

User Feedback

If you encounter any of the following during the use of the server:

  1. Issues not covered in this guide;
  2. Problems that cannot be quickly resolved in the guide.

Please contact Wenzhi Ding (WeChat, Slack, or email) or submit issues on GitHub. He will help resolve them and update this guide.

Feel free to directly edit the page and submit pull requests on GitHub!

If you see a section in the guide that requires contacting an "administrator" but you don't understand its meaning, you can ignore it. These requirements only apply to certain servers.

Quick Table of Contents

Necessary Steps

Please complete these steps

For users of this center's server, please make sure to browse through these two sections before proceeding with other operations.

If you plan to use Python or Jupyter, please refer to:

Stata and SAS can also be used through the above methods.

If you only plan to use Stata or SAS lightly, you can refer to:

Stata SAS
Not writing code on the server Stata Command Line SAS Command Line
Need to view data and write code on the server Stata GUI SAS GUI

Last update: April 16, 2024